Welcome to The Country Lawyer.  My name is G. Dewar Laing.  I am a lawyer.  I was called to the bar of the Province of Ontario in 1985, and I have been practicing law ever since.

I am a partner in the law firm of Laing & Parent LLP and I have been most fortunate to work with a good partner and an excellent group of experienced paralegals.

So, why have I been given the moniker “The Country Lawyer”?

Well, simply put, I really am a country lawyer.  My wife, Patricia Hennessy Laing, and I operate Cidermill Farms and Equestrian Centre at 1750 Ferriss Road, just outside of the Town of Harrow in Essex County.  We moved to the farm in 1995, originally operating it as an apple orchard and cider mill.  Now, we just breed, raise and train sport horses.  We also offer riding lessons and host horse shows.  So, yeah, I really am in the country.

That being said, the reason so many of my clients refer to me as The Country Lawyer is a little deeper than that.  The fact is that most of my clients live and work in an urban centre.  Most are in the City of Windsor, but my client base extends to Leamington, Essex, Kingsville, Chatham, Tilbury, Amherstburg,  and anywhere in between.  They sense that I approach the practice of law a little differently from city lawyers.

When I say that I consider myself a “country lawyer”, that does not mean that I don’t work in the city.  I do.  But my clients understand that the term “country lawyer” speaks to a different sense of priority.  I like to think that a “country lawyer” is more concerned with effectiveness rather than efficiencies and with protection rather than production.  I always have my clients’ best interests at heart.  My objective is to help protect my clients, their investments and their families.  I help them grow their businesses and their assets.

I want to provide a quality of service and a standard of care that reflects a more thoughtful, committed and personal approach.

You still find that in the country.  I bring it to the city, too.

For many years I maintained a traditional, large law office in Windsor where clients often met with staff instead of me.  But this took away the personal connection.  The solicitor/client relationship is based on trust.  It’s kind of hard to trust someone you never meet!  So now, I make sure that everyone that retains me, meets with me, not a staff person.

It is for that reason that I make house calls. Really.  I make house calls.

When I say “house calls”, I mean that I meet my clients wherever it makes the most sense for them.   This means that I will meet you at your place of business, at your home, at your realtor’s office, wherever it is close by and convenient for you.

I also meet clients at my offices at Cidermill Farms and Equestrian Centre.  I have a number of clients that prefer that, although I suspect that it is because they want to see the horses as much as they want to see me.

If this approach is appealing to you, and you are in the process of starting up a business, buying or selling a home, or planning for the protection of your family’s future, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can help.


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