Welcome to The Country Lawyer.  My name is George Dewar Laing.  But I go by my middle name, Dewar (which is really an old Scottish surname).

On anything official, my name usually shows up as “G. Dewar Laing”, just so nobody calls me “George” by accident.

I am the senior partner in the law firm of Laing & Parent LLP and I have been practicing law since 1985.

Most of that time, I have resided on a horse farm in the country near Harrow, Ontario.  My office used to be in Windsor, Ontario, but I had clients throughout the County of Essex, so in 2007 I closed my Windsor office and moved my practice out to the farm.

Hence, I  really did become a “Country Lawyer”.

The law office of Laing & Parent LLP is a full service law firm and my partner, Laurie Parent, maintains an office in the City of Windsor, Ontario.  However, most of the rural real estate, wills and estates, and certainly anything to do with horses, is done from my county office at the farm near Harrow, Ontario.

Like any good country lawyer, I make house calls and/or meet with my clients at their pleasure in the place of most convenience.

If you are buying or selling a property, starting a business, or thinking about the need for a will and some estate planning, I hope you will not hesitate to give me a call.  My law office number at the farm is 519-738-9244.  My cell phone number is 519-817-1244.  I am happy to meet you at your home, your office, or wherever it is most convenient for you.